Top 5 Things To Bring Hiking With You

While Hiking can be an absolutely gorgeous and relaxing scene, it can also turn into a dangerous rendezvous. Here are my top five things to bring on a hike for safety purposes. This is a list for advanced and beginner hikers So, no matter how experienced you are, you can never be too prepared!

First off, I’d like to start by saying, bring a phone. That’s not on my list, it just seems like common sense to all. Weather you use it or not, it does have apps like the flashlight, compass, camera, weather, and much, much more. 

#1- Water. Seems completely obvious, but more people than you think tend to overlook it if going on a simple hike. Weather the hike is a mile, or 10 miles long, BRING WATER. And make sure to be drinking it enough as well. Staying hydrated is by far the most important tip in any physical activity!

#2- Food. This should also go without saying! I like to bring a backpack hiking with me full of food and water. This helps carry everything, but also means I have to plan it out well. I usually aim for simple foods like sandwiches, or lunchables, ya know, a little ‘eat on the fly’ option that can still fill you up enough for a few hours of fun and relaxation

#3/1-although optional, I highly recommend friends. I started hiking with my girlfriend and have definitely enjoyed it much more than going alone. Then we started to invite friends with us every weekend and despite popular opinion, it is more fun with company to share the experience. 

#3/2- Now maybe you enjoy the privacy and independence. That doesn’t mean friends can’t be involved! Let friends or family know where you are incase something does happen. This was taught to me back in 2005 when I first read the book, ‘Lost On A Mountain In Maine’ when hiker child Don Fendler broke off from his family while hiking Mount Katahdin and ended up lost for a long long time by himself. After meeting Don and seeing his struggles, I will never go on a hike without telling someone where I will be, and I hope that you take that advice too! I promise it is well worth it!

#4- Rain Gear. We all have checked the weather before going outside weather it’s to hike, work, fish, hunt or do just about anything outside. But, too many times I have checked the weather and it said one thing, then next think I know I’m seeing the opposite. This can be upsetting and frustrating, but you should always be prepared. Last thing you want is to have to hike miles and miles in pants and a heavy, wet sweatshirt. Having proper rain gear adds almost no extra weight and will definitely pay off one day!

#5-Survival Pack including plastic bags, Knives, and matches. So we already got our phone for the flashlight and compass. Why not finish our safety bag off? Matches are a must. Especially here in Maine. One minute you can have terrible heat and the next its freezing outside. Matches can help as a signal of where you are, or just to stay warm! I highly recommend making waterproof matches to be extra safe. This can be done just by boiling candle wax and dipping the matches in it to add the protective layer. 

Also in this bag should be a knife. This can be used to cat some stuff down for firewood or to help with almost anything. Being creative and having any kind of tools around will always be worth the extra weight. 

Finally the last thing to go in the survival bag would be plastic bags. These can be used for food, to clean stuff up, like dog accidents if you’re like me and take the dogs on hikes. It can also be used for electronics to waterproof them and protect them from being lost! 

That’s all I have for you on ‘Five Things That You Should Always Bring Hiking!’ Be safe, hav fun, and learn new things each day! I hope these tips will help you move forward and be prepared for the worst possible scenario! Good luck and safe travels out there.

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